Ranqx: digital lending implementation partner.

Accelerate small business digital lending with real-time financial data.

Ranqx is a Digital Lending Platform that aggregates accounting, credit and company registry data to enable lenders and other financial institutions to more efficiently lend to SMEs. It accelerates the lending process via fully-digital loan origination, auto-decisioning and monitoring processes.

How 4impact and Ranqx can transform your small business lending

Ranqx provides lenders a modern, efficient, secure and scalable loan origination, auto-underwriting, and monitoring platform that dramatically transforms
small business lending. The Ranqx platform can also be white labelled to suit your brand or online environment.

4impact amplifies the value of Ranqx business lending solutions through the provision of quality system integration services within a customer's business and technology layers. Through an iterative and progressive delivery approach, 4impact reduces time to market and controls our customer's costs and risk.

How Ranqx streamlines the small business loan origination process

Ranqx analyses financial data of the business (e.g. Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet information) into a standardised ledger, which, along with credit bureau data, powers the lender-defined decisioning process.

Loan scores for each business application are generated by Ranqx based on both accounting and credit bureau data - providing over 200 data points for each application.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Quicker Loan Applications (2 mins)

Fast Auto-decisioning (3 mins)

Data-driven Loan Scores

Reduced Lender Costs

Rapid Implementation (8 wks)

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Reduce your loan origination process from days to just minutes*.

Being a pre-built Small Business lending solution, Ranqx can be rapidly and cost-effectively adopted to reduce customer friction, lower lender costs, and accelerate time to funds.

A Ranqx case study for *Kiwibank (Ranqx was white labelled as Kiwibank Fast Capital) achieved a Loan origination time reduction from 6 days to less than 5 minutes, with internal bank costs reduced by 80%.

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