Our Story

Our History

Our Founders met in the late 1990’s, working for a large multinational organisation. Together they spotted a gap in the market to supply qualified and experienced IT professionals to businesses working on complex technology projects. They wanted to change the way these services were offered and delivered in the marketplace, and so, in 2005, 4impact Group was established in Brisbane.

With a vision to put people first in a technology-based industry, 4impact Group has, over the years, developed into a business with a strong reputation in the technology industry; adapting and changing to the market over the years.

Who we are

Our Purpose: 4impact puts the human in technology, to fulfil potential.

Our Approach: The human is at the heart of everything we do. It all starts with the best people, which creates the best projects, which attracts the best people, which… you get it, it’s a virtuous cycle.

Our Vision: To be a global family of consultants that deliver progressive solutions, allowing our clients and society to adapt and thrive.

Our Impact: We believe we can have a massive impact when put humans in technology and harness it for our collective benefit. We can create new and enhanced human experiences. We can go above and beyond our client’s expectations, and we can connect society like never before.

Our Values: At the heart of 4impact Group lies a passion for inclusion; connection; courage; commitment and progression. These values are behind everything we do, now and in the future.

Our Values

Our Leadership

Chris Eldridge - 4impact Director and Co-Founder

Chris Eldridge, Director and Co-Founder, and John Ryan, Group Chief Executive Officer, are leading the charge to the future at 4impact.
With almost 30 years’ experience in technology and sales, working across delivery, technology management, product management and sales, Chris strongly believes that people are the key to success in all industries, including IT.

John Ryan - 4impact Group Chief Executive Officer

John joined 4impact Group in 2008 as a Testing Services Manager. Now as the CEO and with over 20 years’ experience as an Agile Delivery Specialist, John is passionate about the delivery of services that are trusted by 4impact clients and consultants alike.

Our Impact

The Opportunity International Network

Our main avenue of social engagement to date has been through Opportunity International. 4impact contributes a portion of our daily consulting fees to Opportunity International’s microfinance programs which provide innovative financial solutions to empower people, create small businesses and create sustainable transformation in developing communities. Their programs represent a “hand up” not a “hand-out”. Supporting over nine million families across India, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Ghana, these programs create a bridge to financial inclusion and community development for people living in poverty. We are proud to offer our ongoing support to their initiatives.

Women in Technology

We firmly believe in developing more opportunities for women in technology, so we are developing initiatives to support both SheEO, who are radically transforming how women-led ventures are financed, celebrated and supported, as well as working with organisations like Women in Digital who provide resources and career opportunities to build the Digital leaders of our future.