More and more people are using Machine learning (and Artificial Intelligence) in their every day lives. From buying a house, to even to picking a baby name ML and AI are becoming the foundation for how we interact with technology and how it 'understands us'.

So how long will it take before it is integrated completely into society, and how can we genuinely benefit our very day lives?

Cyborg Technology helping to improve Health care

By definition, a cyborg (cybernetic organism) is an organism which uses both organic and biomechatronic body parts to restore body dysfunction or enhance our abilities with.

The main difference between medical (or biological bionics) and the 'true concept' of a cyborg is that a cyborg relies on some sort of stimuli and feedback.

With regards to health care and medicine, 100,000s of peoples lives benefit through the augmentation or integration of technology into their bodies.

Cochlear implants, cardiac pacemakers and to some degree even contact lenses are all augmentations that improve the quality of live. And we have also moved into the brave new world of artificial limbs that can respond to brain waves via an implanted chip (BCI), thus by definition creating a cyborg.

As technological innovations in the fields of both medicine and biology accelerate day-by-day, it will become more common for us all to rely on ML and AI technology to not only improve the quality of our lives for those in need, but to enhance our lives for all of us.

Just how far away we are from being classed as cyborgs on our Medicare card or drivers license remains to be seen.

AI empowered Environment protection

Is Artificial intelligence a game changer for Climate change? Is an AI enabled environment on the cards?  Is AI and machine learning another frontier to take us forward to a sustainable future? I think its safe to say I for one bloody hope so!

If AI has showed us anything its that it has benefited everything it has touched so far.

For example, using AI and data from NASA, researchers can identify patterns and monitor changes of our land surfaces, such as decreasing sea areas, ice caps surface area which can be used to determine future risks. AI can also be used to monitor pollution and other contributions to climate change.

Now that we are living longer in a beautiful clean environment with all sorts of electronic hearts, lungs and eyeballs what more would a human want? Well how about some cool funky tools to enjoy it all with.

Self-Driving cars

Self-driving and parking cars use deep learning, a subset of AI, to recognize the space around a vehicle. Technology company Nvidia uses AI to give cars “the power to see, think, and learn, so they can navigate a nearly infinite range of possible driving scenarios,”. The company’s AI-powered technology is already in use in cars made by Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, and Tesla, and is sure to revolutionize how people drive and enable vehicles to drive themselves. I do not think we will be flying in the sky any time soon, but it is safe to say we are most definitely on the right track.

Digital empathy and Robots as friends

A perfect example of this goes even further then just having a robot as a friend. In Japan they are currently really leading the way for Robotic partnership in more ways than one. Four engineers from Gifu University created the motorized device to let users "experience holding your girlfriend's hand more easily than finding a girlfriend." And they have taken several steps to ensure the experience is as real as possible. A cloth inside the hand emits the fragrance of a woman's shampoo. Sounds of your virtual girlfriend's steps and breathing, and the rustle of her clothes, play through an accompanying app on your smartphone. And if you want the warm hand to seem a little nervous (a sign it likes you), you can even make it sweat.
Maybe we are in for a future where we will open our lives to robotic companions.

Nevertheless, we are nearing a time where AI-powered robotics will become commonplace in our everyday lives, no matter what degree we decide to welcome them in our society.

So is AI and ML something to be embrace or feared? For this author, it is to be embraced.