We all know working well in a team is a valuable skill and is often outlined in many job advertisements. And in some cases, this skill is not listed but is highly sought after. Positions such as software developer and project manager are often done in a team but are often left off the advertisement in place of other things.

So how can you demonstrate this skill in written form, giving you an advantage at landing that next role? And adding in buzzwords is not enough, you also need to explain how this has benefited you throughout your career. Follow these tips and tricks on how to list these skills in a way that gets you noticed!  

Include key terms in your summary or objective statement 

This is often the first part of your resume the hiring manager or the recruiter looks at. But do not just focus on making sure you include the terms ‘team player’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘team member’. There are more creative ways to promote yourself in your summary or objective statement! 

Pairing people skills with teamwork can make a powerful statement and show what you can do. Examples of doing this include: 

  • Able to contribute to building a positive team spirit. 
  • Supports an environment that encourages creative thinking. 
  • Develops and maintains effective relationships with others to inspire and support the team. 

Give specific examples 

Saying you are a team player is not convincing to those reading your resume. It is much more effective to include specific examples of the actions you took as a team and what the successful outcome was. If you can, add in the measurable target on how teamwork helped improve a project or goal. This could include increasing sales, improving employee satisfaction, or hitting targets within a required timeframe. 

Examples of teamwork skills examples include: 

  • Worked with six others to deliver Project XYZ three months ahead of schedule 
  • Liaised between three departments to decrease spending by $300,000, without minimising the project scope. 
  • Through relationship management, increased sales with one client by 37% over two years.  

Use team player phrases in your skills 

Another effective way to show collaboration skills on your resume is to include them in the skills section on your resume. Make sure you customise this section for each job application to clearly show how your skill set matches the job requirements outlined.  

Examples of team player statements to incorporate into your resume include: 

  • Embraces teamwork with a positive mindset 
  • Team-player who can also work independently 
  • Thrives in a team environment 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Enjoys working closely with others 
  • Ability to mediate conflict with team members 
  • Appreciates problem-solving in group environments


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