What is Mindful Productivity? 

Mindful productivity can be defined as being consciously present in what you are doing, while you are doing it, in conjunction with managing your mental and emotional states. It is a way to give us new perspectives on work, life, the creation process; helping us enjoy work and better understand ourselves.  

As we continue to expand our working from anywhere opportunities, it is more important than ever to hold ourselves accountable to practising mindful productivity and get the best out of every working day.  

How can you achieve Mindful Productivity while working remotely? 

Define your workspace 

Having the ability to work from anywhere means our homes are now an extension of the office. Being able to define your workspace to a specific area in your home will ensure your productivity does not intrude into your home life. This will also help you concentrate when needed, and step away from your working space at the end of every day.  

Don’t have a separate room? Find an area with minimum traffic flow or a corner off from your main living areas.  

Set your schedule... and stick to it!  

Manage your schedule instead of letting it manage you. Studies show that productivity is enhanced with balance, so do not be consumed by your workload. Try to maintain the same hours you log at the office, and ensure you spend time catching up with those you work with during regular intervals throughout the month.  

It is also important to learn to say no if something does not fit into your schedule. There is always a limit to what you can commit to. When working remotely, engaging, and communicating is often forgotten if you overcommit your time and energy. And while you may feel like you are achieving more, you may lose touch with what else may be important overall.  

Develop a Growth Mindset 

Developing a growth mindset isn’t an easy task but is worth the time and effort.  By developing a growth mindset, you can take control of your mental attitude and help foster your ability to achieve your goals more productively and efficiently. To start to foster a growth mindset, learn how to embrace failure, research alternate learning opportunities, seek challenges, go beyond your limits and always ask for feedback!  

Practice self-care 

Balance, balance, balance! When you are working from home, it is easy to work 24/7. But there is a limit to what you can do while still being efficient and productive, and the rest needs to be prioritised accordingly. Be mindful of how you can incorporate nutritious food, regular exercise and ample sleep into your routine. And always remember, relaxation and time away from work gives you the fuel needed to accomplish your goals.  

Come up for air 

Our bodies and minds were never designed to be desk-bound for long periods. Make sure you take the time out of your day for set breaks to allow you to stretch, eat a snack and move around. Use the present moment to clear your mind with a walk through your neighbourhood, or use your lunchtime to mediate and ground you back to reality.  


As you can see, the principles are fairly simple. Mindful productivity is having the ability to be present throughout your working day and being aware of the environment around you to ensure you are more productive, more creative and enjoy your work more than ever.  

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