With 2022 technology projects already in full swing, organisations must ensure they bring in the right person for the right job. People are what drive projects, and recruitment is how we attract and hire exceptional talent. A two-way street of information gathering during the recruitment process is more important than ever to ensure success for all parties involved. 


What you can do to help find your next opportunity

Do not neglect personal experience!  

Your experience is what landed you the interview, so be sure to focus on: 

  • The most interesting parts of your experiences
  • What were the key details of the project or initiatives
  • What challenged you the most; and
  • What defined the project as a success, and what was your contribution? 

Not just another video interview 

For anyone who has recently participated in a virtual interview, you will know that interviewing online is quite different from meeting your interviewer in person. And virtual interviews can be challenging work. Like any other interview, preparation is the key. But unlike a face-to-face interview, you need to take a step back and prepare not only yourself but also your environment. 

Check out our guide on how to perfect your virtual interview!  

Research your dream company 

The research around employee engagement continues to tell us people are after more than competitive pay rates when changing roles. So, what do you want? And can your next opportunity provide that for you? The only way to find out is to do your research. Check out their careers pages, follow their social media pages and ask your industry peers what life looks like when you take the next step with a new organisation.  


What your future employer should be doing  

Walk the walk

Organisations need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, when it comes to the culture and environment they promote to potential candidates. Do they recognise market conditions? And do they ask questions during the interview which ensure the role is best a good fit for you and your needs? Every interaction you have with a new company, from the initial conversations and throughout the interview process, should be two ways to help ensure the role is the best fit for everyone.  

Build a community, not an empire

Technology communities exist because talented individuals want to stay connected, continue to work together and learn from each other, while also receiving quality support and mentorship throughout their thriving careers. Organisations need to focus on living and breathing their values to ensure it brings out the best in their people. If a company only focuses on profits, targets and KPI’s, will they be able to provide a community for you to thrive in?


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