Digital transformation, and the effect it has on collaboration, flexibility and inclusivity, is an expectation felt by today’s workforce. While technology continues to be updated, we need to ensure our teams have the skills to remain connected to each other, and our leaders know how to successfully support talent development to retain and engage the leaders of tomorrow. 

Here are three ways to create a tangible business impact in a digital world.


Build Trust 

We have historically built trust within our teams by gauging a person's intentions, values and character. With our leaders and our teams now interacting through screens, we lack the luxury of regularly observing our peers in person, making the ability to build trust difficult to do.

Without trust, teams may struggle to support one another or openly share ideas and opinions, leading to damaging miscommunications, decreased productivity, and a fear of taking risks.

You can start building trust by:

  • Be organised and plan ahead. This will show you are motivated to achieve the same goals as your team. 
  • Be predictable and dependable by explaining your motives, values and expectations. 
  • Show kindness and compassion, and be careful about the words you choose.
  • Identify similarities, and express when your values overlap with your teams.  


Think, Share, Do 

Teams that succeed in a digital world are committed to understanding and communicating ‘why’ work is important and how it delivers on broader purpose. By having a mutual understanding between team members, a culture is created where everyone is constantly looking for a new way to improve their project outcomes. 

Alongside this commitment, we also know self-sufficiency no longer guarantees effectiveness. Teams need the appropriate tools to allow them to connect with each other and the greater organisation, helping them to gain further insight from one another. 

Establish a better digital environment 

Even as an individual, we can choose boundaries over barriers when it comes to being productive in a digital world. Boundaries should help you take more control over your environment and ensure you can connect effectively with your team. For people to respect your boundaries, they must know you understand what your preferences are and how they can stick to them.  

You can establish a better digital environment by: 

  • Knowing when to instant message, email or arrange a face to face catch up. Also, communicating your preference to your team is just as important.  
  • Encourage focus. Find time to turn off notifications and calls when video conferencing to try and limit as many distractions as possible 
  • Allowing yourself to take a normal lunch break. 
  • Having camera-free days 
  • Opening communicating workload concerns with your team.  

Ultimately, the foundation for effectively connecting with your team in a digital world rest on open and clear communication. It focuses on transparency, trust and setting clear expectations for everyone to follow. We will continue to face many challenges as our working environment adapts over the coming years. If we have built the foundation of trust, these changes can be overcome together.  

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