Why Join Us

At 4impact Careers, we’re not a temp agency, we’re your home base; a place where your career and professional development are just as important as fulfilling a client contract and a place where you can come to for support. Together, we have over 50 years of recruitment experience across a variety of industries. We’re not aligned to any one client or any specific role, we’re here for you. To us, many contracts build a career, and we’re all about careers. We’re all about your career.

When you join 4impact, your engagement with us will be via a contract agreement. However, we consider each and every one of our Consultants to be an integral part of our organisation, representing our brand in the market and adding value to our clients through your knowledge and expert advice.

When you become a 4impact Consultant, you enter into a partnership with us, and with our clients. It’s about a relationship - you invest in 4impact and we invest in you - and it’s through this partnership that we both grow.Our aim is to develop a long-term relationship with Consultants who align to our values and expectations. We want to work with our Consultants, not just for one opportunity, but over multiple engagements.

Rapid Mobilisation

We can deploy quickly, leveraging our deep experience in project mobilisation and set up. Our speed is also a result of access to our talent community, on and off-shore, as well as our partnerships. Our agility means you can stay on schedule; stress free.

Great Clients

4impact is a trusted supplier internationally to a number of leading brands and businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region across a wide range of industries.

We Recognise Talent

We know technology, Clients, careers, and roles. We work with you to define your career goals and to help you secure the ideal opportunity.

Nothing but the Right People

Project success starts with the right people. Our strength in talent management means we can assemble the perfect-fit team for your project. Our unique blended delivery model mixes highly skilled on and off-shore resources to deliver scalability, speed and value for money.

Supported Every Step of the Way

While engaged with us, you’ll enjoy our full support and opportunities to network with other members of the 4impact Community. We strive to make you feel part of the 4impact team and to keep you connected.

Respect and Value

We take the time to care about you and your goals. We value our Consultants’ experiences and backgrounds.

Benefits of Contracting

If you’re new to the world of contracting, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Here are some of the reasons why our consultants love their career in contracting.


Our consultants enjoy flexibility when it comes to their work - whether its time off to take a three-month holiday; the opportunity to expand their skill sets by taking on a different project; or the chance to work for a different type of company than they did on their last project; flexibility is the nature of their career.

Earning Potential

Expertise of our consultants is valued, so the potential for higher earnings is a major drawcard when it comes to contract work. The lack of paid benefits like annual leave and sick leave, that full-time employees get, is made up for by the higher daily rate of pay for contract workers.

Variety of Work

Our consultants enjoy a wide variety of work, gaining exposure to different industries; company cultures; jobs; technologies and people. It makes for a varied, challenging and interesting career


4impact partners with large enterprise clients who are experiencing significant technology change that is driven by the increasing demands of their own customers.